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Updated On: Jun 11, 2021

Heard something about CSEA or State/ Municipal Workers that doesn’t sound right?
Concerned about upcoming legislation and how it affects CSEA members & tax payers?
Want to check to make sure your news source is accurately portraying the story?


Where we separate FACT from FICTION–there’s a lot of noise out there, make sure you’re hearing the TRUTH!

Social Security Facts, Figures & Findings
Be armed with the facts about Social Security before someone tries to tell you that Social Security can't work. 

State Employee Talking Points
State employees represent your friends, family and neighbors–don’t villainize them for their public service–learn the facts.

Social Security Talking Points
Social Security is the safety net for nearly two thirds of retirees—providing them with over half of their overall income. In fact, half of all Americans haven’t even been able to put away more than $10,000 retirement—further emphasizing the need for this program.

As it stands currently, Social Security is scheduled to fall by 25% after 2034 if immediate action isn’t taken—and many elected officials would like to see that happen. Despite being something that you have paid into your entire working career, many elected officials inaccurately refer to Social Security as an unsustainable entitlement, rather than the insurance policy it is. Learn more about efforts to save this program.

CSEA understands how necessary a defined benefit program is in order to secure yourself a retirement in dignity, but opponents are constantly trying to convince the public they are unsustainable. Take a look at these talking points so that you are armed with the facts!
Public Pension Talking Points

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