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Workshop/Conference Reimbursement
Jun 03, 2024

Below is a small summary and explanation of the conference/workshop reimbursement process. To learn about the entire process, please access the State’s website below.

NEW with the 2021-2025 contract: 

  • Employees have three (3) professional leave days to attend conferences and/or workshops per contract year. In previous contracts employees had two (2) professional leave days, with a specific caveat for a third day. 

  • Members are entitled to a maximum of $1,000 reimbursement per contract year. In previous contracts, members were entitled to $750 reimbursement per contract year. 

The State shall appropriate $40,000 in the conference/workshop fund for each year of the contract. 

The full process for workshop/conference/travel reimbursement can be found on the State’s website here. Virtual workshops ARE allowed. These workshops/conferences are those you choose and elect to attend, not what your agency is requiring. If your agency is requiring attendance, that should be considered a Work Training day. 

Prior to travel:

  • An employee completes a travel authorization form, CO-112 (travel authorization), four (4) weeks prior to travel to their immediate supervisor. The most up-to-date forms from the State can be found here

    • Include all potential workshop/conference/travel costs (registration, lodging, tolls, meals, mileage.

      • For mileage reimbursement, you will need to submit your automobile’s insurance declarations page. 

      • To calculate mileage, provide a Mapquest or something similar showing mileage from home to work, then home to conference. Subtract your normal roundtrip commuting distance from your distance to the conference and back. 

    • Submit a brochure/flier from the conference/workshop showing date, time, and cost.

  • Make a copy of the whole package to keep once your supervisor approves.

  • Once approved, submit the travel authorization to your agency’s travel liaison if your supervisor has not done so. A list of agency travel liaisons can be found here

After conference/workshop/travel:

  • An employee completes a CO-17XP form for reimbursement. The most up-to-date forms from the State can be found here

    • Ensure you have all receipts, a certificate of attendance from workshop/conference, and a zero balance from a hotel statement, if staying in a hotel. Submit these receipts and the certificate of attendance with your CO-17XP.

    • An Addendum form (CO-17XPA) must be completed when seeking reimbursement for meals, undocumented expenses or premium city (union allowance). The most up-to-date forms from the State can be found here.

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