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Inclement Weather
Mar 15, 2023

During inclement weather, we are protected by our contract! Our contract language is as follows:

ARTICLE 30 - INCLEMENT WEATHER When an employee is late for work due to severe traveling conditions caused by inclement weather, the employee shall not be charged for such lateness provided that:

(1) He/she reports such conditions to the Employer prior to the normal starting time, or as soon as practicable thereafter.

(2) The employee arrives at work within a reasonable time when compared to other employees traveling to work under similar conditions. This Article shall not apply if the employee fails to report to work and does not preclude the Employer from applying progressive discipline for abuse of this policy. Each teacher in the Department of Mental Unified School District #3 is assigned a regular work station and shall report to that location when client appointments are canceled during inclement weather days.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the parties have agreed to cross-bargaining unit language regarding inclement weather, which can be found in Appendix F.


Vacation, PL and Sick Time Impact for Non-Essential Employees

• Employees out sick shall not be charged a sick day or personal day if the state is closed or the Governor has ordered nonessential state employees not to report to work during that employee's normal work shift.

• Employees on vacations for less than a week shall not be charged a vacation day if the state is closed during that employee's normal work shift.

• Employees scheduled out of the office on leave for a week shall be charged for such leave if the state is closed during such time.

10 month Employees Choosing a 12 month Pay Plan - Shall be treated like any other 12 month employee for purposes of inclement weather closings.

Do you telework? You can qualify for situational telework during inclement weather.

If you are approved for telework and/or situational telework, you may request this situational telework in advance of inclement weather, or you may ask the day of the inclement weather. Please contact your supervisor or your telework authorizing authority at your agency with your request.

To find up-to-date information on weather-related closings or emergency closing, check these media outlets:

  1. State of Connecticut’s Website:

    1. DEMHS - Notification of Early Release/Late Openings for State Offices 

  2. The Office of Governor Lamont

    1. via Twitter/X

    2. via Facebook 

  3. TV-Radio announcements

  4. Possible announcements via CT Alert

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