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License Reimbursement
Jun 03, 2024

Below is a small summary and explanation of the license reimbursement process. To learn about the entire process, please access the State’s website below.

NEW with the 2021-2025 contract: 

  • Employees can use the conference/workshop fund for job related, professional licensure, 

The State shall appropriate $40,000 in the conference/workshop fund for each year of the contract. 

One job related license certification reimbursement is granted per year, per employee.

After your certification/license is complete, have a copy of your license/certification and a receipt backing up the cost you are declaring. Send those in with your CO-17XP-PR. The most up-to-date forms from the State can be found here.  

  • Fill in the following fields on the CO-17XP-PR. 

    • Employee Name and Address;

    • Employee Number; and

    • Amount Approved

  • “Amount Approved” is the amount you are seeking to be reimbursed, for example, your license/certification cost. 

  • You will sign and date the form where it says “Payee’s Signature” and “Date.”

  • Your supervisor will sign and date the form where it says “Supervisor’s Signature” and “Date.”

  • Forward your CO-17XP-PR to your agency’s travel liaison. 

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