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Sick Leave Bank
Jun 03, 2024

Below is a small summary and explanation of P3B’s Emergency Sick Leave Bank.

Article 40: Sick Leave

Section Eight: Sick Leave Bank. (a) There shall be an Emergency Sick Leave Bank to be used by permanent employees. The agency will send a copy of the employee application to the Union at the same time that the application is submitted to the Office of Labor Relations.

(b) To be eligible to use sick leave bank benefits the employee must:

  1. have been employed by the State for two (2) or more years

  2. have exhausted all sick leave and personal leave

  3. have exhausted vacation leave in excess of forty-five (45) days

  4. have exhausted any other compensatory time

  5. have an injury or illness which is not covered by Workers’ Compensation

  6. have an acceptable medical certificate supporting continued absence on file and

  7. have not been disciplined for sick leave abuse during the two (2) year period preceding application; provided, however, the committee may waive this requirement.

(c) The benefit amount shall be paid at a rate of one- half (1/2) day for each day of illness or injury. Payments shall begin on the sixteenth (16th) work day after exhaustion of leave and/or Workers’ Compensation as referenced in item 2 above. An employee may draw from the bank only once per contract year and a maximum of 200 one-half (1/2) days. No accruals for vacation or sick leave will be provided to employees receiving this benefit, No eligibility will occur for holidays or other paid leave benefits while receiving this benefit. The employing Agency will hold the employee’s position for a period of not less than forty (40) calendar days when the employee is placed on sick leave bank. If the employee remains on sick leave bank following the fortieth (40th) day, he/she will be entitled to an equivalent position pursuant to the provisions of CGS Sec. 5-248a provided he/she returns to work within twenty-four (24) weeks of initial placement on the sick leave bank. Benefits under the sick leave bank shall be considered to run concurrently with both or either State or Federal Family Leave Acts.

Complete guidelines for the P3B Emergency Sick Leave Bank can be found here

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