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Updated On: Feb 02, 2023
Contacting your legislator is an important way to ensure that your voice is heard at the State Capitol. Get familiar with your legislator, the more you reach out to them, the more familiar they will be of you (and more likely you'll be to get their full attention!)

Review these tips on contacting your legislators before reaching out!
- Keep it brief - letters should be no more than a page and voicemails should be kept succint. 

- Stick to one issue, don't include more than one issue in one outreach
- State who you are (and what town you live in) and why you're writing up front, identifying yourself as a constituent and clarifying the issue is important!
- Hit your 3 most important points, don't get caught up in too many points. 
- Remember, you aren't expected to be an expert!

- Personalize your letter with your story 
- Personalize your relationship with your legislator - did you vote for them or contribute time or money to their campaign?

Don't forget to thank your legislator when they vote or speak out in favor of a bill or position too! 
Use the search bar below to find your Representative, or visit the Connecticut General Assembly website HERE to find your legislator if you live in Connecticut. 
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