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Family Childcare Providers Blog Sep 28, 2022
First Ad Spot Released!
by Drew Stoner

On September 28th, the CSEA SEIU Local 2001 Childcare Council representing Care 4 Kids Providers launched their first ad campaign ahead of contract negotiations with the State of Connecticut.

The video highlights the need for both expanded programming and improved provider wages and benefits as well as the positive impacts that the Care 4 Kids program has on parents, children, and providers. 

“Having to turn away parents who are desperate for child care so that they can work and provide for their own families is becoming a common and heartbreaking part of my week,”  said Katherine Lantigua, Care 4 Kids provider, and CSEA SEIU Local 2001 Child Care President, “I work from 5AM to 8PM five days a week to ensure that the children in my care. But 75-hour workweeks leave very little time for my own family and when I’m only making $8.50 an hour, I still struggle to pay all of my bills. The State must invest in this program in order for it to be successful in its mission to lift up families and providers.” 

“As an early educator for over 27 years I have continually seen parents struggling to pay for childcare, often falling into debt just so that they can go to work to provide for their families,” said Jacqueline Ulloa, Care 4 Kids provider and CSEA SEIU Local 2001 Child Care Union Treasurer, “Every provider has had the experience of having to turn away families and while the demand is high, we have very little support. We can’t provide for our own families and because of that we are seeing more and more providers leaving the early education field to find a better-paying job. We must invest in our communities of color. We must invest in our children. We must invest in Care 4 Kids.”

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